2023, Projection on Polystyrene 8’ x 8’ x 1.5’, 40:00
In Collaboration with Binxu Wang, PhD Candidate in Neuroscience at Harvard University, Jack Price, Computer Science BSCS at Northeastern University, and Drew Teter

Throughout history, our visions of the night sky have shaped new environments on Earth. Our latest probe into the stars, the James Webb Telescope, is the latest installment in our timeless mission of interpreting the cosmos — the ultimate uncertainty. In a different sense, we have also cultivated inward-looking “telescopes” that advance our pattern recognition tendencies: artificial neural networks.
"who are we where are we" integrates both of these extensions of human perception. It is a testament to our instinct to seek patterns among the stars, and our continued reach to materialize the void.
With an artificial neural network, one of our latest evolutionary tools for vision, I have continued this timeless practice by training it to seek lifelike patterns in images of space.

f i n a l   d o c u m e n t a t i o n
w o r k   i n   p r o g r e s s