"Sam painted a once in a lifetime gift for me to give to my brother and sister in law on their wedding day. His recreation of their proposal is breathtaking and brought tears of joy to our whole family on their special day. I am so grateful to see it hanging whenever I visit them and being reminded of the beautiful moment we all share together. Sam’s talent made this moment possible for my family and me and I will surely go to him the next time I commission a piece."
—Jack Lawatsch
"I have bought a few paintings from Sam over the past few years and have absolutely loved each one. Every single painting has been an incredibly unique and exquisite representation of exactly what I wanted to represent. Sam is the kind of artist whom you can trust entirely whether you’re ordering something custom or pre-made. His artistic vision is spot on and his attention to detail surprises me to this day as I stare at these paintings in my home. I can’t imagine not having Sam’s art in my life now and hope that anyone who has read this far stops reading and starts browsing through the site where I’m sure you’ll find something you love."
—Dillon Carroll
"Sam is an extremely talented artist who has already prepared both a charcoal sketch and an acrylic painting especially for my wife and I. We have also seen much of his other work, including work in other mediums, all of which is outstanding. Sam has a wonderful sense of color, scale and composition which makes all of his art so very attractive. I cannot more highly recommend him."
—David Portman
"Sam is unique in his ability to combine artistic visions with cutting-edge technology and computational models. In our laboratory, we use computer programs that generate synthetic images ('generators') as tools for investigating neurons of the visual cortex. Sam approached us with an idea of using these generators to develop a new form of art — one where the computer programs would engage in a type of dialogue with the audience, as viewers led the generators into reconstructing the most salient regions of an existing painting. We were fascinated by this idea, which Sam carried through an exciting conclusion. We are proud to be part of Sam's new synthesis of art and science, which shows that aesthetics have no boundary."
"Sam is an extremely talented artist. I commissioned him for two of his trademark painted bottles. The process was easy, the price was more than fair, and the product exceeded my expectations. I now display both bottles as well as the complimentary palette he provided, and they always get compliments from guests. I would strongly recommend purchasing any of his custom products—they make a great gift!"
—Max Price
"Sam is gifted in many ways. I presented him with a wine label project for which he far exceeded my expectations. The project was intended to be only graphic design, but when Sam wasn’t satisfied with artwork he found online, he decided to paint his own improved version for the project. Sam boasts a myriad of skills that will lend themselves to any artistic project and he will execute it in a timely and thoughtful way."
—Zach Waltz
"Sam is an insanely talented artist in many different mediums. I have ordered multiple commissions from him for special people in my life and they have all been blown away by the quality and uniqueness of his work.
I highly recommend Sam for personalized artwork in any form.  I personally enjoy how Sam brings you into the artistic process, asking what elements you would like to see in his final product as well as background information on the subject of the work."
—Garrett Beck
"I heard of Sam’s artistic ingenuity through several friends, and his talent and service did not disappoint. Sam demonstrated excellent communication throughout the process whilst adeptly identifying and integrating my desired color scheme. His orchestration of color composition and use of space created an incredibly dynamic painting. The ultimate product was a visually inspired piece that I will surely treasure."
—Nathan Maynard
"I asked Sam to create a piece of art for me. I was beyond impressed by his creativity and talent. He is also timely and professional. I look forward to working with him again soon."
—Charlie Mouaikel
"So happy with our pet portrait by Sam... Contact him if you're looking for any kind of portrait or painting, his work is awesome!"
—Dayna Zola