Figural Landscape Paintings
Acrylic on canvas. Available with matching 8" x 10" palette on stretched canvas, or with the palette integrated into the work itself.
Price = 50 + 0.50(Square Inches)¹·⁰⁵. Cost of shipping excluded.
This concentration of work emerged out of an pareidolic painting practice. We evolved pareidolia to find patterns in our environments. This process may be useful for finding a camouflaged predator or a face on the moon, but also acts as a framework for me to create. From a black underlayer, I block out arbitrary color regions which eventually frame entities in my perception, which I clarify with intentional marks until the work feels complete. 
The darkness preceding my work is an unknown from which all possibilities emerge. Inventiveness flourishes with limitation; so consequently, the rich character of darkness has had a landmark role in our creative evolution. Darkness facilitates a space of suggestibility, query, irrationality, and possibility, otherwise clarified by light. Light is the realization of a vision grasped in darkness. It is the prehistoric campfire, signifying rationality, an end to the creative process, and a new beginning. Emergence from dark to light, whether in the birth of an idea or the evolution of vision, exists in an embedded dynamic across language, perception, and time.