(Website and Social Media Campaign, 2022)
Mizrahi Stories is a CAMERA on Campus campaign that coincides with Mizrahi Heritage month. A series of initiatives to educate students about the history of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) Jews, the project consists of digital advocacy, student-led events on university campuses, and highlighting important Mizrahi figures.

MENA Jewish communities date back to periods of antiquity. Despite their minority status under Islamic rule, several experienced periods of population growth, prosperity, and cultural development. Unfortunately, during and after Israel's establishment, over 850,000 Jews were persecuted and expelled from across the region for their identities. All too often, these stories are unknown on university campuses.

I redesigned the original Mizrahi Stories website and established design guidelines to frame information and resources with more consistent branding than in years past. By building a distinct body of content that could be printed and shared, I endeavored to bring new attention to Jewish history that is often overshadowed.
Headlining the homepage is a map that highlights Jewish presence across the Middle East and North Africa.
Points of improvement for the future include building more timelines for Jewish communities we haven't yet covered in the region, separating infographics into different pages based on the country (and perhaps hyperlinking these to the map), and showcasing more collaborative content with other organizations.